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Mobile Solutions | Cognex, MX-1000 Vision-enabled Mobile Terminal | Cognex, Mobile Barcode Software Development Kit (SDK) | Cognex, Support - Mobile Solutions Software | Cognex, Mobile and Wearable Device Assembly - Cognex, How Cognex Mobile Technology Aids Scanning in Tough , Cognex Mobile Computers -, Documentation | Cognex Mobile Barcode SDK for Android, Cognex Mobile Barcode SDK | Cognex.
Do more with your mobile device by putting it to work across your entire enterprise, from in-house retail and light industrial applications to harsher warehouse and factory floor environments. The Cognex Mobile Barcode Software Development Kit (SDK), MX Series mobile barcode readers, and MX Series vision-enabled mobile terminals offer comprehensive, end-to-end mobile scanning solutions, while achieving best-in-class 1-D, 2-D, and direct part mark (DPM) barcode reading performance.. Your mobile device can become a top-of-the-line barcode reader with the help of Cognex! From in-house retail and light industrial applications to harsher warehouse and factory floor environments read the codes you need with ease.. Rugged. The design of the MX-1000 makes any supported mobile device ready to meet the challenges of the most demanding environments. The industrial-grade, rugged housing can handle up to 50 drops from 2 meters onto concrete..
Cognex Mobile Barcode Software Development Kit (SDK) brings enterprise-grade barcode scanning to you in simple software for the devices you already use.. Call Cognex Sales: +44 121 296 5163. Contact Us; United Kingdom | English. Manufacturing mobile devices requires fast and accurate production. Improve manufacturing yields and reduce downtime with Cognex camera quality assurance.. Mobile devices that function as scanners can meet or exceed the performance of dedicated scanning devices — and can cost a fraction of the price.. Buy Cognex Mobile Computers and Handheld PDA's from The Barcode Warehouse UK. The Cognex Mobile Barcode SDK (cmbSDK) is a simple, yet powerful tool for developing mobile barcode scanning applications. Based on Cognex's flagship DataMan technology and the Manatee Works Barcode Scanning SDK, the cmbSDK allows developers to create barcode scanning applications for the entire range of mobile scanning devices: from .
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